Cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork; Rapid construction time; Low dependence on the weather; Minimum disruption for occupants during renovations;


Prefab building elements are being used more and more in the construction sector. Prefab construction has many advantages over the traditional method: rapid construction time, low dependence on the weather, in terms of occupational health and safety and minimum disruption for occupants during renovations.

Brick slips are ideal for giving prefab elements a masonry look. This is related to such factors as their low weight, minimal thickness and lasting flexibility. Brick slips have no problem coping with slight movements in timber frame and steel frame walls, even after many years.

Prefab timber frame facade elements are used in both newbuild and renovation work. At the factory, the elements are fitted with a façade insulation system, with a brick slip finish.

Other examples of prefab elements which are given a masonry look are: chimney elements, concrete garages, technical spaces and various types of panels.

Brick slips can faithfully reproduce more or less any type of brick. Elastolith Prefab will be pleased to advise you on the possibilities for finishing prefab elements.

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