Corporate social responsibility is high on our list of priorities at Elastolith. Brick slips are made primarily of mineral raw materials and the production process is energy efficient. Brick slips are not baked in an oven, but dried at a relatively low temperature. The low weight and minimal thickness of the brick slip offers many advantages. Compared to traditional bricks, brick slips are 25 times lighter and thinner. This naturally generates savings during production, storage and transport.

The low weight offers great health and safety advantages when using the product. In the same way, the dimensioning of load-bearing structures can be lighter.
Brick slips are frequently used in renovation projects. The facades of buildings are insulated and finished with brick slips. This increases the value of the building and decreases its energy consumption. This prevents the unnecessary demolition of buildings and energy wastage.

Elastolith invests continually in its (new) products and production processes. Here, consideration is certainly given to employees’ working conditions, those who use the product and, of course, the environment.